The Healthy Chicken and Spinach Alfredo Recipe

Hi loves and welcome back to my page. I am coming at you with a new healthy recipe called The Healthy Chicken and Spinach Alfredo to help keep you in shape, lose weight and keep your curves! I hope you all enjoy it! Let’s jump right into it.


Things you will need:
1. 2 Chicken Breast
2. 1 Box of wheat or gluten free pasta
3. 1 head of Cauliflower
4. Himalayan salt and pepper
5. Small Spanish onion
6. 2 handfuls of Spinach
7. A pot, pan, and blender


1. First take your Chicken Breast and Onion and cut them into small pieces, a bit smaller than bite size pieces.

2. Next preheat your pan to medium and coat with oil(your choice) recommend Coconut or Olive oil.

3. Chop your Cauliflower into bite size pieces. Then grab your pot and fill it with water and add salt, bring it to a boil and add your cauliflower. Let cook for 5 minutes or until tender.

4. Stir your Chicken Breast and Onions for 7 to 8 minutes or until they become light crispy brown color and turn off the heat and set aside.

5. Next check your cauliflower and make sure it is soft and take a spoon drainer and remove the cauliflower and set it aside.

6. Leave the cauliflower water in the pan and add your pasta to it and let cook for a 5 minutes.

7. Now you will grab your blender and add the cauliflower to it and add Coconut milk, Cashew, or Almond milk to it and blend until smooth consistency.

8. Pour the Cauliflower Alfredo sauce into the pan with the Chicken and put on medium heat and stir.

9. Check your pasta and drain it. Add it to your pan with the Chicken and Alfredo sauce, add Spinach and then mix it, and add salt and pepper.

10. Put it in a cute bowl and enjoy!

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple Healthy Chicken and Spinach Alfredo Recipe. Just make sure if you meal prep this meal you are putting equal portions in your containers. I want to make sure that you get all your daily nutrients and with this meal you are guaranteed too!

Being Called Fat or Big?

Dear curvy ladies, today I would like to discuss the f bomb and b bomb. I get called, “fat or big “, often and it upsets me. Anyone else can relate? I guess some men do not understand a curvy woman’s body and know that not everyone is a twig.


It is the worse feeling when we as curvy women are not accepted, because men do not like the size of our bodies. It drives us crazy and gives us hopeless thoughts. As curvy women we are to accept ourselves and not depend on the opinions of others, it becomes a problem when a man expects you to look different.


Ever do online dating? Online you upload your photos and never forget to add full body pictures. You get tons of messages, ” Hey I like your curves. ” It makes you happy enough to say thanks and eventually you meet in person with this guy and he is like, ‘ You sure are curvy”, and then 5 minutes later he becomes all judgmental and wants to tell you that you are a little big and need to tone up.


When they say that it seems like we fall off the earth as it is rotating and puts us in very sad mood for days, not just an hour. His rude comments put all these horrible thoughts in your head and puts you down. All the confidence is down and we have low self esteem.


It makes us not want to date anymore because we do not feel accepted by society. You know what I say? Forget what society says, or what,
” The Perfect body”, is supposed to look like.


So what if we’re not skinny or fat. We are in between and that is what makes us unique and confident. There is and will always be a place for us in this world no matter what foolish, low self esteem men think. Forget about them! Focus more on yourself, eat healthy, live your life, and one day all your blessings will come.


No one will ever put us down. We walk around with our head up high, and curves blooming because whether some men or people like it, curves are in and it is a movement that no one will ever be able to change! Curvy girls rock and always will. Embrace your curves and thickness ladies. It is what makes us who we are.

The New Maybelline Mini City Pallete @Influenster

Hey lovies welcome back to my page! Today I will be doing a review on The New Maybelline City Mini Voxbox that I received free from Influenster. Besides being into health and fitness I also am a Beauty Guru. This will be my honest review on the free box I received.

I honestly want to say that i love this palette and am totally obsessed with it. The palette I received was Dowmtown Sunrise and I am happy they are summer shades! The perfect shades for the summer now that it is here. They are also good for highlighting. Such a fabulous palette. I loveeee it! 

I created gorgeous summer looks on my Instagram. The texture of the eyeshadows are very creamy and silky. It definitley is the best eyeshadows I have ever owned and I appreciate Influenster for sending me them.

If you are interested in becoming a Beauty Guru on Influenster be sure to check them out on Instagram and Twitter @Influenster

#CityMinis #contest #complimentary @Influenster @Maybelline

Does size really matter?

Hi, and welcome to my second Summer 2017 blog. Today I will be discussing whether or not size matters. I will go deep in to details on whether or not it does.

First thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word health: A person who is fit, active, skinny, or in shape.

Is this true? Does this determine whether or not a person is healthy? I will tell you right now it does not! These are stereotype that the world has put upon us as human beings. Just because someone appears to be in good health because their weight, does not mean they are healthy. It is about size, not health.

We see all the perfect skinny runway models and we think, ” Omg she has the best body “, when she can be suffering from poor health due to bulimia or anorexia for example. The way we see it out or eyes is very different that the way it appears. Just because someone is skinnier than you that does not mean they are healthy.

A person with a little more weight can be healthier than the skinny person. It is not always about the outer appearance. The inner appearance us the most important unless we are talking in regards to our largest organ which happens to be our skin, in this case we are not. We are talking about health being more important than size!

Yes we all want to have a toned and sculpted body which can take longer then we ever imagined! In the end it is worth it! Keep in mind if you are the type of being who wants to be healthy on the inside and outside you must live a healthy lifestyle.

This means cutting out all the crappy food and eating healthier foods! If it is hard from the beginning. Start simple like drinking more water or having a smoothie or two a day to replace meals. It is all possible only you can do and the change!

So to sum it up, health is way more important than size, but both are equal in a way. Why eat health and not fix your body? Makes no sense but some people live sedentary lifestyles and still eat healthy. It is all up to you as a person to determine the health of your body.

How do you want to feel this summer?

Hi ladies and welcome to my Summer 2017 blog. In this blog I will be discussing the hassles of changing your lifestyle and how a person can change themselves and become healthier.

Summer fills us ladies with joy and we want to be the hottest looking chicks in the crowd. We spend money on the hottest trends and want to look fabulous during the summer. When suddenly there is a problem. We do not like the way our outer appearances look.

That can be changed through a lifestyle change and we can become more sculpted, toned, and stress free.
We hard and dedicate ourselves to commit to and live a healthy lifestyle.

The lifestyle change begins when we decide to eat healthier, exercise, and follow through with the lifestyle change. We spend fall, winter and spring preparing ourselves for the summer to come. The change starts with eat healthy foods, buying comfortable workout gear, getting a gym membership, attending workout classes, going for walks, and runs. Meanwhile other women are buying silly diets pills or getting surgery when that money can be saved, or spent on something that is natural and more effective. The smarter way to commit to a lifestyle change is by setting goals and then crushing them. You have to be determined, motivated, and dedicated to take on the change in your life. If you do not set goals then how can you change your lifestyle? It is impossible, your fat is not going to melt itself away. It has to be you person who wants to put in the time and become a new you.

How do we want to feel this summer? Jealous or Fit? You can not be both so you are the one to determine how you want to feel. If you want to feel fit then you must follow through with your lifestyle change. Replace all your old eating habits with new and healthier ones, make a workout routine, and drink lots of water. No one should be in any competition with anyone other then their selves. Want a change? Commit to a new lifestyle that will leave you healthy and happy for life. No one has time to compete with others or feel insecure because their not happy with their body, their too skinny, curvy, can’t build muscle, or they think their fat. It is up to you as a person who is willing to put in the hard work and commit to a healthy lifestyle.