How do you want to feel this summer?

Hi ladies and welcome to my Summer 2017 blog. In this blog I will be discussing the hassles of changing your lifestyle and how a person can change themselves and become healthier.

Summer fills us ladies with joy and we want to be the hottest looking chicks in the crowd. We spend money on the hottest trends and want to look fabulous during the summer. When suddenly there is a problem. We do not like the way our outer appearances look.

That can be changed through a lifestyle change and we can become more sculpted, toned, and stress free.
We hard and dedicate ourselves to commit to and live a healthy lifestyle.

The lifestyle change begins when we decide to eat healthier, exercise, and follow through with the lifestyle change. We spend fall, winter and spring preparing ourselves for the summer to come. The change starts with eat healthy foods, buying comfortable workout gear, getting a gym membership, attending workout classes, going for walks, and runs. Meanwhile other women are buying silly diets pills or getting surgery when that money can be saved, or spent on something that is natural and more effective. The smarter way to commit to a lifestyle change is by setting goals and then crushing them. You have to be determined, motivated, and dedicated to take on the change in your life. If you do not set goals then how can you change your lifestyle? It is impossible, your fat is not going to melt itself away. It has to be you person who wants to put in the time and become a new you.

How do we want to feel this summer? Jealous or Fit? You can not be both so you are the one to determine how you want to feel. If you want to feel fit then you must follow through with your lifestyle change. Replace all your old eating habits with new and healthier ones, make a workout routine, and drink lots of water. No one should be in any competition with anyone other then their selves. Want a change? Commit to a new lifestyle that will leave you healthy and happy for life. No one has time to compete with others or feel insecure because their not happy with their body, their too skinny, curvy, can’t build muscle, or they think their fat. It is up to you as a person who is willing to put in the hard work and commit to a healthy lifestyle.



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