Does size really matter?

Hi, and welcome to my second Summer 2017 blog. Today I will be discussing whether or not size matters. I will go deep in to details on whether or not it does.

First thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word health: A person who is fit, active, skinny, or in shape.

Is this true? Does this determine whether or not a person is healthy? I will tell you right now it does not! These are stereotype that the world has put upon us as human beings. Just because someone appears to be in good health because their weight, does not mean they are healthy. It is about size, not health.

We see all the perfect skinny runway models and we think, ” Omg she has the best body “, when she can be suffering from poor health due to bulimia or anorexia for example. The way we see it out or eyes is very different that the way it appears. Just because someone is skinnier than you that does not mean they are healthy.

A person with a little more weight can be healthier than the skinny person. It is not always about the outer appearance. The inner appearance us the most important unless we are talking in regards to our largest organ which happens to be our skin, in this case we are not. We are talking about health being more important than size!

Yes we all want to have a toned and sculpted body which can take longer then we ever imagined! In the end it is worth it! Keep in mind if you are the type of being who wants to be healthy on the inside and outside you must live a healthy lifestyle.

This means cutting out all the crappy food and eating healthier foods! If it is hard from the beginning. Start simple like drinking more water or having a smoothie or two a day to replace meals. It is all possible only you can do and the change!

So to sum it up, health is way more important than size, but both are equal in a way. Why eat health and not fix your body? Makes no sense but some people live sedentary lifestyles and still eat healthy. It is all up to you as a person to determine the health of your body.


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